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Description of the services offered
We start each repair with diagnostics. If the customer agrees to the repair, the diagnostics are free.

Cleaning and replacement of Playstation 4 thermal paste

Is your PS4 hot and noisy? COMPUTER SUPPORT - ESOFT specialists perform preventive cleaning and replacement of PlayStation 4 thermal paste with high quality, in the shortest possible time and at a low price. For preventive maintenance we use thermal paste - Arctic Cooling MX4.

Why is proactive PS4 cleaning essential?


  • Timely cleaning of the console will definitely extend its life.

  • The dusty cooler and fan do not cool the PS4 processor properly. As a result of neglecting preventive cleaning, it is a serious and costly repair.

  • The PS4 doesn't heat up that much and doesn't make any noise accordingly.

The PlayStation 4 cleaning process